Month: January 2020

Indiana Map Of Counties

Indiana Map Of Counties The Indiana State Department of Health said today it would be offering free COVID-19 testing in 12 counties, including Kosciusko and Wells in northeast Indiana, starting later this week. . The coronavirus map shows 662 new cases and 13 new deaths, bringing the total to 52,685 positive cases and 2,582 total […]

Map Of Counties In Illinois

Map Of Counties In Illinois Illinois residents can track coronavirus cases in their neighborhood using ZIP code data from the state’s department of public health. The interactive map below allows residents to track cases by ZIP . THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE HAS EXTENDED SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH 359 TO INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING COUNTIES UNTIL MIDNIGHT CDT […]

New Mexico Counties Map

New Mexico Counties Map The Road to 270 is a weekly column leading up to the presidential election. Each installment is dedicated to understanding one state’s political landscape and how that might influence which party will . The Pennsylvania Department of Health today confirmed as of 12:00 a.m., July 14, that there are 929 additional […]

California Map By County

California Map By County As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States continues to climb, we’re tracking the number of cases here in California. The coronavirus outbreak first started in Wuhan, China, and . As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States continues to climb, we’re tracking the number […]

Lake County California Map

Lake County California Map A number of interactive fire maps below can help you stay updated on the latest details about California fires. Don’t rely on just one map, since details can change quickly and some maps will have . Health officials are now asking people in Lake County to remain vigilant when it comes […]

Alabama Map With Counties

Alabama Map With Counties Southeastern Alabama is colored with red on the state Health Department’s informational map, indicating most Wiregrass counties are now considered “very high risk” for COVID-19 transmission as of . The Alabama Department of Public Health confirmed nearly 15,000 new coronavirus cases in the state in the last two weeks. That’s about […]

County Map Of New York

County Map Of New York If only the rest of the country could handle COVID-19 as well as New York.That’s the lament of progressive commentators as coronavirus cases spike in the Sun Belt and the South.Washington Post columni . The series itself was a quick 3-0, more of a barometer of the FaZe’s recent struggles […]

Southern California County Map

Southern California County Map The rapid rise of COVID-19 in California and Southern California in particular make conditions even less safe for regular season baseball games scheduled to start in just over a week. . The map from Infogears gathers self-reported data for zip codes across Southern California to give a 60-day snapshot of respondents’ […]

Georgia Map Of Counties

Georgia Map Of Counties A recently published broadband availability map by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs is helping to shine a light on under-served rural areas . The Georgia Department of Community Affairs published a broadband map that highlights underserved portions of the state. The map also provides data on where high-speed Internet is […]

North Texas County Map

North Texas County Map One bright spot during this difficult time has been watching people up their charitable contributions, whether that means giving money to causes they support or donating goods that didn’t make . As Democrats push for Joe Biden to make plays in big states like Texas, Ohio and Georgia, the lessons of […]