Kansas Zip Code Map

Kansas Zip Code Map

Twenty-one ZIP codes in the Wichita area have at least doubled their number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the past six weeks, according to statistics from the Sedgwick County Health Department. . Statistics from the coronavirus pandemic dashboard show there was a 37.6% increase in cases between last Monday and this Monday. . When the Trump administration required nursing homes to report their COVID-19 cases, it also promised to make the data available to residents, families and the public in a user-friendly way. But some .

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But some facilities that have had coronavirus cases and deaths turn up as having none on Medicare’s COVID-19 nursing home website. Those data may be incomplete because the reporting requirements don’t . Colorado Marijuana Dispensary Map Why are college athletes being asked to return to campus in the middle of a pandemic? Simple answer: It’s a money grab. .

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In the moment, Rob Mullens and Gene Smith probably didn’t give much thought to the standard force majeure clause included in the contact they signed () – The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and the U.S. Treasury Department this week released the names of 4.9 million Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan recipient businesses .

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