Map With Zip Codes

Map With Zip Codes

The map from Infogears gathers self-reported data for zip codes across Southern California to give a 60-day snapshot of respondents’ symptoms, how often they left home, and their mask usage. . Three zip codes in Louisville are seeing higher rates of COVID-19 infection than others based upon population. The zip codes 40218, 40219 and 40214 have the highest rate of COVID-19 cases per 100,000 . The wave of coronavirus infections inundating Oregon at a record pace has hit the state’s eastern edge especially hard, according to recently released data analyzed by The Oregonian/OregonLive. Four .

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While businesses in some of Tampa Bay’s wealthiest ZIP codes applied for a large amount of PPP loans, some of the region’s poorest ZIP codes, including the poorest, also applied for a high amount of . County Map Of New Jersey The positive rate of tests continues to fall in all of Alexandria’s ZIP codes, according to new coronavirus data from the health department. The city’s cumulative totals are 2,439 coronavirus cases, .

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Twenty-one ZIP codes in the Wichita area have at least doubled their number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the past six weeks, according to statistics from the Sedgwick County Health Department. Several ZIP codes in the Wichita area saw bigger percent increases in cases of COVID-19 during the week that Sedgwick County health officials said the number of cases was “exploding.” Statistics from .

Map With Zip Codes : Coronavirus is spreading more pervasively across a growing number of communities statewide as surging case counts can no longer be largely attributed to concentrations in only a handful of ZIP codes . Which ZIP codes in Greater Philadelphia had the most Paycheck Protection Program loans approved by the SBA? Check out our interactive map. . Map Of Roanoke Va Map: These San Diego zip codes got PPP loans over $150K, retained over 193K jobs. ABC 10News created a map to show how the money was distributed by zip code and how many jobs the SBA claims were .

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